Guest Guide

Schenectady Today Show

Thank you for agreeing to appear on the Schenectady Today Show. You will receive an email reminder three weeks before, 10 days before your appearance and again a few days before you are scheduled to appear.  Each email provides new information. Please review carefully.

Arrival — Please arrive at the studio between 9:30 and 9:45 AM so we can prepare for the show properly. There is a 2 hr. limit at the lot behind Proctors.

Arrival Time, Parking and Studio Directions:

  • We film at Open Stage Media at Proctors. The studio is now located at 432 State Street at Proctors Performing Arts Campus — go downstairs to the Underground Area (below the Coffee Shop).  Arrival time is between 9:30 and 9:45 am.  There is an elevator near the stair to the Underground.
  • Directions: You can go to and on the top of their home page, click on “Visiting” and then in the drop down menu, and click on “Directions and Parking”.  If you want to put the address in your GPS, here it is: 432 State Street, Schenectady, NY 12305
  • FREE Parking: You can park behind Proctors at no charge for 2-hours in the surface parking lot (300 Block on Clinton Street), which is accessible from Broadway and also State Street.  We highly recommend that you park in the lot off Clinton for easy access to Proctors back Marquee entrance.
  • PAID Parking: There is also limited paid parking on the street. You must go to the kiosk to pay. You can also park in the municipal parking garage on Broadway where a fee is charged.

Audio & Music: 

  • We have to be very careful about playing any material that has a copyright. It will shut our system down since we record the material for replay.
  • If bringing a CD, please make sure that it can be played on a CD player and not on a computer only. Please test before bringing in so that you know that it will work and won’t be disappointed when you arrive when it won’t work on our system.
  • Microphones are not amplified in the room. The sound goes directly into the console for the recording.

Promos/ brochures, etc.:

  • You are welcome to bring a video (on flash drive – PC friendly) or PPT (must send in advance) describing your event or service to the show. Please note that we use a pc and not a mac computer.
  • If sending photos (jpg only) or a  PPT by email, these must be emailed as an attachment no less than 3 days in advance.  We can show these during your segment.

What to wear

  • Please dress professional/ upscale casual.
  • If possible, please try not to wear white. It throws the white balance on our cameras off. If you must wear white, please use a jacket and colorful tie or scarf to break it up.
  • Pastels are good – light blue, lavender, purple, greens and earth tones. Be sure to wear a lapel or collar so that we may attach the microphone clip.
  • AVOID — Crew necks and sweaters do not allow us proper microphone placement. Noisy jewelry should be avoided as it interferes with the sound.

In Addition

  • Photos and more: We’ll take a photo of you on the set. The write up will appear on Facebook and sometimes on Twitter to help viewers obtain more about your organization.
  • I use Facebook to publicize guests and their events before and after the show. You can check our Facebook page “@SchnectadyTodayShow”.  Click on “Like” to follow it.  We also post on Twitter and sometimes on Instagram.
  • The show is also LIVE STREAMED during the filming on Tuesday morning on our YouTube channel. “Schenectady Today Show Official”

Additional Guests – Audience  guests are also welcome. We have room for plenty of guests.

Check out the show on the web

  • On Open Stage Media Site: You can watch some of my shows on Click on Video on Demand and then scroll down the list of shows (we are towards the bottom) and click on Schenectady Today. Then choose the date of the show that you would like to watch.
  • We are always available on our YouTube channel “Schenectady Today Show Official”

Ann Parillo, Producer/Host

How to watch the Show: or check with your local public access TV station.

How to watch the Show:

  •  Live Streaming on the web when aired on Channel 16: (see Sch’dy County below)
  • Live Streaming on our YouTube  channel while the show is being tapes on “SchenectadyTodayShow”
  • Anytime on the web at Video on Demand on (scroll down to Schenectady Today and click on date)
  • Schenectady County — Channel 16 and 19.3 – starting on Tues at 6 pm and then on Wed, Thurs and Mon at  10 am and 6 pm (additional airings at same times throughout the week on availability)
    • Now on FIOS (OSM-Sch’dy) – on Channel 36—see above times
  • Amsterdam – Channel 16 – Tuesday 3:00 PM (one week later)
  • Albany City – Channel 18 on Monday and Tuesday at 3 pm – Channel Albany (same week as filmed) (you may have to contact them because they are having trouble programming)
  • Albany County, Saratoga/Clifton Park, Troy/ Rensselaer (Regional) – Time Warner Cable – Channel 18 – Tuesday at 3:00 pm (one week later)
  • Bethlehem/New Scotland (BCN-TV) – Channel 17 and 19.2 and on FIOS Ch. 28 Friday at 2 pm (one week later)